Lezion B'rina



For over 20 years, Lezion B’rina has been one of the most unique and successful educational institutions in Israel providing a comprehensive Jewish education to boys from the Former Soviet Union. Our students are recruited directly from the FSU where rampant assimilation and rising anti-Semitism make living a Jewish existence extremely difficult.

Lezion B’rina has educated over 1,000 students by providing them with a strong Jewish identity steeped in Jewish history and philosophy and all in a warm and accepting setting that allows our students to live as proud knowledgeable Jews in the modern State of Israel.

Our exceptional school offers an advanced dual program of Jewish and secular studies. Equally as important, the school provides a unique, nurturing environment suited specifically to each student’s needs, preparing them for productive, integrated lives in Israeli society. With over a 95% immigration rate post-graduation, our students have gone on to positively impact the State of Israel by excelling in all fields such as the IDF, high-tech, teaching and community activism. As a testament to our success, Lezion B’rina was awarded the 2011 Ministry of Education Prize.