Lezion B'rina


About Us


In the beginning of the 1990s, hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews left their homes throughout the Former Soviet Union (FSU) and immigrated to Israel.  They came in search of new lives based on the values of freedom, dignity and democracy.  Many families who could not make the transition to this new land decided to send their school age children in the hope that at least they could benefit from the advantages of the economic and social promise of this new homeland.

Lezion B’rina was founded in 1990 by Rabbi Moshe Weiss.  He traveled throughout the F.S.U., focusing primarily on remote areas in the Ukraine, Belarus, and in Russia meeting with parents and offering them the opportunity to send their children to an educational institution tailored to their needs.  He promised to set up not only a school which would impart a superior high school education, but he also committed to creating a home environment to temporarily fill the role of parents, who for the time being needed to remain the Russia.

Over the past decade, in a beautiful campus in the Beitar community just minutes from downtown Jerusalem, Lezion B’rina has become the high school of choice for thousands of Russian boys.  The school has produced role models who are helping to shape a generation of young leaders.  Its graduates are pursuing high profile careers in all areas of business, commerce, the media and high tech fields.

Academic Curriculum

All Lezion B’rina’s students grew up in the Former Soviet Union. Since their native language is Russian, all classes are taught in their mother tongue. There is a heavy concentration on the study of English, the language of international commercial and scientific communication.

The curriculum fulfills the stringent standards of Israel’s Ministry of Education, placing particular emphasis on the exact sciences: mathematics, computers and physics, areas in which these students excell. The excellent reputation of Russian students is well deserved. They are drawn to the school for the superior education they can receive and because of its reputation for preparing students for university acceptance. More than 90% of the students pass their matriculation exams, a statistic well above the national average.

The faculty consists of top mathematicians, computer science and physics teachers, many of whom held important positions in Russia. These teachers succeed in bridging the gap between their former and current educational environments.

A New Life

Nestled within Jerusalem’s magnificent suburbs, amidst rolling hills and scenic mountaintops, sits the vibrant, growing community of Beitar, home to Lezion B’rina, the unique ‘home away from home’ for boys from the Former Soviet Union.

For the boys who live and study here, Lezion B’rina is home. The dormitory is open 365 days a year and provides each boy with the privacy and warmth he would have experienced in his own home. The dormitory staff consists of married couples who treat the boys like members of their own families. Counselors, staff psychologists, and teachers are available 24/7 to deal with the boys’ mental and physical well-being. They are advisors and role models for the boys in all aspects of life. The students treat the dormitory staff as their adopted parents, and the counselors respond in kind.

The school offers these boys many amenities and activities to ensure their progress and development are well-rounded. The campus boasts an indoor gym, outdoor basketball courts and a fully stocked library to help fill the students’ leisure time. Three delicious, nourishing meals are served each day in our newly refurbished dining room. Walking trails around our landscaped grounds and manicured lawns offer students additional opportunities for spiritual growth by connecting with nature.

Lezion B’rina aims to instill within our students a unique camaraderie which gives the boys stability and independence.  The students establish unique friendships that are maintained years after graduation.  Many work together, have founded businesses together, and have established bonds which will last a lifetime.