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Help us empower the next generation of Jewish children from the Former Soviet Union

At Lezion B'rina, we are dedicated to ensuring that promising students coming from very financially challenged communities in the FSU are able to attend our school. The support of our community is critical to making these educational dreams possible. Giving to Lezion B'rina will help ensure that our students not only receive a challenging and rigorous academic education, but also learn to live as proud Jews and as citizens of the State of Israel. Our graduates embrace Jewish teachings and traditions, give back as volunteers, and participate in their communities with a sense of personal responsibility. A gift to Lezion B'rina is an investment in the future. Every gift makes a difference for our students and every gift is appreciated.


Student Scholarships

Since our students arrive in Israel without their immediate family, Lezion B'rina educates and provides each student with all their day-to-day needs. The cost of underwriting a boy's education at Lezion B'rina is $18,000. The Israel Government through various ministries and agencies covers $8,000 of this expenditure. Sponsorships of $10,000 are necessary to complete the costs for each child. Lezion B'rina's scholarship campaign is the single most essential aspect of its fundraising effort.


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Your Donation
$10,000 - sponsors a student for one year
$5,000 - sponsors a student for one semester
$1,000 - sponsors sefarim for the beit medrash
$600 - purchase tefillin for a new student
$500 - sponsors clothing for a child for a year
$360 - sponsors a weekend shabbaton
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