Lezion B'rina


Israeli Program

It is no secret that in Israel more than 1.5 million people – half of them children – live under the poverty line. This epidemic is particularly prevalent in the Chareidi population, whose lack of secular education and relevant work skills are a barrier to entering the workforce. This reality makes it nearly impossible to break the cycle of poverty and achieve financial self sufficiency.

The success of Lezion B’rina is clear proof that with a well rounded education and an environment that nourishes each child’s talents and abilities, the cycle of poverty can be broken and a new reality can be created. So we have now adapted our award winning model to address the needs of the Israeli Chareidi boys, providing them the educational base, tools and life skills to build a future of financial, spiritual and emotional success.

With over two decades of educational excellence and a highly trained and caring staff that has a proven track record of helping students overcome personal difficulties and lack of formal education, Lezion B’rina is uniquely qualified to be at the forefront of this initiative. This program has already been a savior for many boys and has been recognized by leaders from across the Jewish spectrum as the address to help the Chareidi community become educated, integrated and independent.

A few years ago the existence of such a program that teaches a full compliment of secular subjects with complete matriculation in the Israeli Chareidi world, especially in the Chassidic community, would have seemed impossible. However, the need for such a breakthrough program continued to mount, and we have answered the call with this first of its kind program which will lead the way to economic freedom and dignity for a new generation.